Nicole McKeon

BA General Studies, Class of 2014

"Everyone seemed to be working for my success."

If you had told me in September of 1985 that I would not complete my bachelor's degree until December of 2014, I would not have believed you. I entered college straight out of high school, where I had been an above-average student. I loved my early college experience. But it was made difficult by my financial situation, my parents’ divorce, and the resulting feelings of guilt. All led me to return home to work.

After about a year of working full-time, I knew I was not living up to my potential. So following in my mother's footsteps, I went into a two-year nursing program, where I graduated first in my class. For the next 20 years, I thought about getting a bachelor's degree. I met my husband, built a house, had my first child, then my second. I relocated, and then relocated again. School just didn't seem to be in the cards for me.

I did a lot of research, gathered my transcripts, and worked out my budget several times before someone at our local hockey arena mentioned SNHU to my husband. Before, it had always seemed like an uphill battle. I couldn't believe it when my SNHU advisor said she would order my transcripts. I couldn't believe it when the financial aid came through, and the payment was affordable. It was all so easy. Earning my BA in General Studies from SNHU seemed meant to be.

I got signed up for my first class one day after classes had already started, and without a textbook, but my professor worked with me. In fact, everyone seemed to be working for my success. I recently spoke with my advisor, Missy Page, and we realized that I really am going to graduate in December 2014. After 29 years, I will finally be able to feel that I finished what I started. Moreover, I feel confident that I will continue on for a master's degree. SNHU has made it possible for me to be successful, and I am so grateful.