Paula Gunnell

BS Business Admin, Class of 2016

"The professors are amazing. The lines of communication are always available."

At 41 years old, the decision to complete my bachelor's degree was a difficult one. However, once my daughter started her college career at 18, I quickly realized that I had pushed her toward college by explaining how important education is for her future. And when she turned to me and asked why I never finished, it was like a light turned on. I realized I was asking her to do something that I had failed to do.

I started to research colleges and found SNHU. The online program seemed like a fit. I have the ability to complete work on my schedule, and the professors are amazing. The lines of communication are always available. And I love that my advisor calls me to check in, and knows my grades most of the time even before I do. This is the best experience ever for me. I feel more confident, and I am proud that I have chosen to complete my own education. You are never too old. Thank you to my husband, my children and my wonderful advisor for all of the help and support you have, and will have given to me. Although this road seems long, there is a sense of accomplishment that we will all be able to share!