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Phillip Stanley

MA History - Military History

"The professors of the courses that I’ve taken are not only experts in their respective fields, but very helpful and flexible as well."

I am from central Maine and have been a high school social studies teacher and coach for about 12 school years now. I graduated in 2002 with an undergrad degree in secondary social studies education with a minor in history from a university in Maine. From there I immediately landed my first and only teaching job at the high school that I interned at. I’ve been there ever since.

Since graduating in 2002, I always said that I’d eventually go back and get my master’s degree in “something.” I had always wanted to get it in history, but most all of the graduate level history courses met while I was at work. Twelve years after graduating with my undergrad degree, I finally found the kind of degree that I’ve been looking for through this university. At first I was skeptical, having seen the kind of coursework some of my co-workers had been doing through other online programs offered by other educational institutions, I was not certain that an online degree was rigorous enough for me to consider it legitimate (I always felt that a person needed to sit in a classroom to have an educational experience deemed legitimate). The military history graduate program offered through this university has put my skepticism to rest. The coursework that I’ve dealt with so far has provided me the mental challenges and stimulation I have been looking for. My contempt for online degree programs has been erased by the quality setup SNHU has established. The professors of the courses that I’ve taken are not only experts in their respective fields, but very helpful and flexible as well. The course materials are great and I’ve been able to immediately incorporate some of the concepts (and materials) that I’ve been introduced to directly into my own teaching and classroom. I can’t wait for more of it.

My enrollment counselor, George Devaney, made the process of getting started with my coursework seamless. I thank him greatly for that. My academic advisor, Jennifer Robie, has also been super-helpful as well. She’s always quick to respond to any question and/or concerns that I have had. It is great having someone like her watch out for, and be concerned with, your academic success. I have to thank her with a deep amount of gratitude as well for all of her efforts to make my transition back to being a student again seamless and not stressful.