Ray Gammon

BS Information Technologies, Class of 2016

"When I enrolled at SNHU, I found that I was still able to be a dad and husband and work a full-time job."

After high school, I joined the Army and was stationed overseas. I tried to go to school but just could never find the time. When I got back to the States, I was balancing work and raising a family, but I knew I needed to finish my degree in order to grow and advance in my career.

When I enrolled in the online bachelor’s in computer information technology program at SNHU, I found that I was still able to be a dad and husband and work a full-time job. Even though there were a ton of obstacles that I thought would prevent me from going back to school, I was able just to push those excuses aside and do it for my family and for myself.

Being an online school, I was nervous about how I would communicate with the instructor and my other classmates. I was surprised how responsive my instructors were when I contacted them and how much I enjoyed talking with my classmates. That connection really reduced some of that anxiety I had about enrolling in online classes.

One of the other things that really impressed me was that I had dedicated support from a military advisor. From a military perspective, she knew where I was coming from, knew the military discount and benefits that I was entitled to, and actually helped me fill out the forms to receive those benefits. That made a huge difference for me.

With all the travel I do for work, I was able to lean on my advisor to help me balance my classes and workload. Having the flexibility of being able to do homework throughout the week allowed me to have time to help the kids with homework, coach their sports teams and excel at work.

My family is very important to me. They’re the center of everything. Being able to spend those moments together and not miss out on birthdays and school events means the world to me. And without SNHU online, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish that.