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Rebecca Johnson

BA Creative Writing & English, Class of 2015

"I am so happy to be part of a school that wants to see me reach my goals."

Growing up, my mother told my siblings and me that the key to a better future, isn't the amount you have, but it’s the education that would carry you through to a better and brighter future.  

I've always been a person full of creativity and the passion to write. After getting my associate degree, I found out that was having a baby; I thought that life for me was over. My plans to write and go to school had to be placed on a back burner for now. Having a child and working full-time would impossible to fulfill, especially being a first timer.

One day I was looking at an SNHU commercial and how they offer online courses; I had taken them before at my previous school. I thought that I owed my child and myself a better future than just getting a regular job, but, instead, actually striving to achieve my dreams to offer my son the world.

Now being at SNHU is the best decision I made thus far for both my son and I. Even when I was hospitalized after giving birth, both my advisor and professors worked with me and helped me get my assignments completed. Communicate to your advisor and tell them what is going on, they are there to help you succeed in your dreams. I am so happy to be part of a school that wants to see me reach my goals.