Rebeccah Brown

BS Accounting - Forensic Accounting

"It is because of my advisors’ help that I am able to reach another goal, which will lead to my success!"

I am the youngest of five children, one of which was killed at the age of two before I was born. My family has been on the brink of poverty for most of my life, but we were never allowed to feel sorry for ourselves. We were told that there is always someone out there with more or with less.

I went to three different school districts before I graduated high school. In eighth grade, I received the Principal’s Award, which was awarded to one boy and one girl for always looking out for the "underdog." My sophomore year, we moved to a rural town, where I ironically ended up being the "underdog.”

Later in life, I attended a local college. In one of my public speaking classes, I was asked to do a presentation on anything I wanted. I chose distracted driving, as that is how my sister was killed. My professor was so impressed with the presentation that I was asked to do it again for the freshman classes.

I ultimately chose to get my degree in forensic accounting because my high school teacher, who knew me well, said that this would be an excellent fit for me. So far, he couldn't have been more right. I got an internship at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, and I absolutely love what I do! I also am a Tupperware Consultant to help pay for my education.

To fit the rest of my schooling in with my two jobs and my health issues, I chose to transfer to SNHU’s BS in Accounting Program. The transition has been a breeze and a positive experience thus far. My advisors, Jonathan Brandon and now Emma Shea, have helped me out immensely through the process. It is because of my advisors’ help that I am able to reach another goal, which will lead to my success!