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Richard Wojciak

BA General Studies, Class of 2015

"The advisors give their students a lot of support and encouragement."

I graduated in 1998 with an Associate of Arts from a local community technical college. But my biggest goal for over 10 years now has been to finish my education by earning a bachelor’s degree. After retiring from a career working for the Connecticut Department of Transportation, I started online courses. I had bad luck with other online colleges, however. Then I saw SNHU on a commercial on one of my local channels and applied. 

I have been here at SNHU since the spring of 2013. Sometimes it is tough writing an essay paper, especially being an older student. But once I graduate, my goals will be accomplished, and my education completed.

I am now three courses away from graduating with my bachelor’s this coming summer 2015. My biggest influence here has been my former academic advisor, Samantha Couture, and my current advisor, Jessica Pozanski. The advisors give their students a lot of support and encouragement. And I would say that is a big part of my success here at SNHU.