Robyn Simpson

BA General Studies

"Southern New Hampshire University's online programs fit my needs."

I am a divorced mom of a nine-year-old daughter. I also help my father care for my disabled mom. Some time ago, I decided I needed to complete my bachelor’s in General Studies. And I needed to find a university that would transfer my current coursework without taking a huge loss in credits. Southern New Hampshire University's online programs fit my needs.

I rejoined the academic world. On May 10, 2014, I will be a college graduate. Just six days after graduation, I will turn 41. I mention my age to accentuate that it does not matter how old you are when you start seeking to expand your education. I believe in a limitless world, in which all things are attainable. After graduating, instead of going on to law school like I first considered, I am going to play the cello professionally.