Roderick Breem

BA Communication

"Schooling has sharpened the skills I had. It’s created more business opportunities."

As a web designer and photographer, Roderick Breem knows a thing or two about communication. It wasn't until he pursued a bachelor's degree in communication, though, that he felt like he was taking his skills to an entirely new level. "Schooling has sharpened the skills I had," he said. "It's created more business opportunities."

While Breem initially began an undergraduate program at another school, studying psychology, he soon realized that his career aspirations were aligning with creative fields. A self-taught photographer, his work these days focuses primarily on real estate photography and some social media work. Given that the needs of others drive his schedule, Breem knew he needed a degree program that provided the flexibility to accommodate his ever-changing work hours. "I did some research on SNHU and felt the program and courses made sense," he said.

As he works toward a bachelor's in communication, Breem has also been able to incorporate online photography courses at SNHU into his degree program as electives, too. He credits his academic advisor, Shannon Therrien, with keeping him on track with his courses. He said she "is absolutely fantastic. She's always on top of everything."

That SNHU is a nonprofit university means a lot, too. That's one of the things Breem said he noticed when he first became aware of the SNHU via a TV commercial. "It made me feel like the main focus isn't on making money," he said.

As his world continues to broaden, Breem said if everyone had greater access to higher education, "A lot of ignorance would be done away with."