Samantha Anderson

MS Accounting Finance, Class of 2016

"I have had the support that some students can only imagine. At SNHU you do receive that support."

I am going into my third year at SNHU in the master's program for accounting and finance. I am a mom of two, and I am completing my master's degree so my children may understand the importance of education. Also, I recognize the importance of having a stable career. I am just the second person in my family to graduate high school and the second to finish a bachelor's degree. Also, I am the first person in my family to pursue a graduate degree.

I started off by attending a small community college in New Hampshire at 18 while four months pregnant with my son. I received my bachelor's degree while seven months pregnant with my daughter. I am considered a teen mom and I have tried my hardest to break the stereotypes associated with this label.

I have been married for four years to my high school sweetheart. He has been my biggest supporter and my biggest critic. My parents have always supported me through my choices and stood beside me. My godparents helped me from the beginning by watching my son while I went to class five days a week. “It takes a village to raise a child” is an understatement when I reflect back.

I have been through a lot of losses since beginning my secondary education, and because of this, I believe I am stronger. You are only as successful as you want to be. I was almost a high school dropout, but I had dedicated high school teachers pushing me to succeed. I am forever grateful for their tough love.

As you can tell, I have had the support that some students can only imagine. At SNHU you do receive that support. I have had amazing professors in the past two years. They get to know you on an individual basis, and you can always go back to them for help. I am grateful that I chose Southern New Hampshire University to complete my master's degree.