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Samantha Butterfield

BA Creative Writing & English - Fiction

"SNHU has so many different programs and classes to choose from."

Since high school, it was beaten into my brain by every school faculty member that college is an important step toward having a good future. I went to a state university first and was there for one year before I realized it simply wasn't for me. I had to take too many classes at once — more than I could handle at a time — just to graduate with the rest of my class, and the stress was too much. I withdrew, but I quickly found a suitable alternative in SNHU online. I am able to work more at my own pace than I was able to previously, and I feel less trapped.

Pursuing an online education is not lazy; it is a suitable alternative for certain lifestyles, and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to continue their education. SNHU has so many different programs and classes to choose from, and I do not regret taking this step toward the career I want most.