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Samantha Fisch

BA Psychology, Class of 2014

"I love SNHU and am so glad I made the decision to transfer here!"

I started college, in 2007, at a college in Newport, Rhode Island. I loved it from the moment I toured it in high school. The campus is right on the ocean and located in the heart of the old mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. Mid-way through my sophomore year, I realized how much money in loans I would have to pay back just from my first two years at the school. I decided to transfer home and attend a state university. I was working full-time at a coffee shop in Portsmouth, N.H. and going to school full-time. I did not like this school. I hated commuting every morning. I didn't like the large class sizes. I never even met my actual advisor. I felt lost in a sea of students. After two years of taking nonsensical classes, I decided to take some time off. Once I started paying my loans back, I decided it was time to re-enroll in college and finish my degree.

I decided to apply to SNHU. I have loved SNHU from the first moment when an advisor talked to me about my feelings about school. I felt like, for the first time in my academic history, I was heard. The online program has worked out for me amazingly! I can still work my full-time job and give full effort to my course load. I love SNHU and am so glad I made the decision to transfer here!