Shannon Wit

BA Psychology, Class of 2015

"All of my instructors have been knowledgeable and helpful."

I have been trying to complete my degree for a while now, but it always seemed that something came up. I was busy working and raising my son, and his education took precedence over mine. Finally, when he graduated high school and began his college career, I seized the opportunity and searched for a college that would fit into my life. I didn't want to work all day and then attend a brick-and-mortar college all night, so I searched for a college that had the accreditation that I needed. In addition to the time management and accreditation, I needed it to be affordable.

Luckily, after searching for a while, I found Southern New Hampshire University. Applying was easy and quick. Financial aid applications were a breeze, and the staff was always accessible when I had questions. I began taking classes quickly and was amazed at how detailed and interesting they were. All of my instructors have been knowledgeable and helpful. I'm a better student because of their guidance. I encourage anyone looking for a quality online education to check out Southern New Hampshire University. This education is the key that will unlock my future and allow me to advance my career. Thanks for all you do!