Shaundreka Hearne

BS Fashion Merchandising Management, Class of 2016

"My time here at SNHU has exceeded my expectations."

After I graduated high school, I was afraid to go to college. I didn't have any help or support to help me fill out the paper work, and I didn't know the correct questions to ask without feeling like it was a dumb question. So I was really intimidated, and in turn, I gave up, and it took years upon years for me to even consider going to any type of school.

In my quest to find myself, I began designing jewelry for a few years, which led me to want to learn how to design clothes. I researched and that landed me at an art institute to pursue a degree in fashion design, then life happened. I lost my job and couldn't afford to stay in my apartment in Dallas, so I was forced to move back to my hometown a few hours away to Houston. I left school, and that really hurt me because that's where I wanted to be. The desire to be in school was still there, and so I searched for something online because I didn't have transportation anymore to be able to go on campus. I stumbled across SNHU and found myself changing careers from fashion design to fashion merchandising. My time here at SNHU has exceeded my expectations; I never took online classes and didn't know what to expect. I can honestly say that this has been the easiest process I have endured. Anyone that I have come in contact with, especially my advisor, has been extremely professional and helpful, they go above and beyond. I am happy to be here and look forward to each experience.