Shawnte Henderson

"I love the structure of the classes here, and it makes it possible for me to be a successful student, mother and full-time employee."

I am a new student here at SNHU; I started my first term in January 2014. I must admit, becoming a student here is one of the best decisions I've ever made. My goal is to complete my B.S. in Healthcare Management and then complete graduate school. I am a wife, and a mother of four children. I realize how important my role is in my children’s life, and I decided I would complete my education not only for myself but also for my family. I would like for my children to grow up and have an understanding of the importance of education. They look up to me, and I know they will do as they see me do, not what they hear me tell them to do. That is part of the reason why my success at SNHU is so important to me.

When I came back to school after several years, I had very little confidence in my abilities of being a very successful student. After my very first class, I will admit my confidence has grown tremendously. I contribute most of that to my very first professor, Mr. Adam Grodek. He has been a major support system to me and in my success in his class. I tried really hard to do my best on all of the assignments I completed in his success strategies class. Mr. Grodek always gave me the support I needed, and he really helped my confidence by being involved with my work. He told me right off the bat that he thought I could be one of the top students in his class after reading my first writing assignment. That made me feel absolutely unbelievable and really gave me the confidence to keep working hard on each assignment thereafter. Sometimes after being away from school for so long you need someone to be in your corner and encourage you, and that’s exactly what I got. I will forever be grateful for his true concern and compassion for my success in his class. I learned a lot from that class and plan to take the dedication and confidence I've learned to each and every course I take in SNHU. I love the structure of the classes here, and it makes it possible for me to be a successful student, mother and full-time employee.

At SNHU, I feel my dreams of completing my education have now become a reality, and I look forward to each step of my journey along the way. Thank you, SNHU, for the confidence you have given me, and I tell any mother, father, friend, family member and person with the desire to complete their education, to come to SNHU and make those dreams a reality. Also, the entire enrollment process was the easiest ever, and my advisors have been there whenever I've needed anything. First Michelle and now Jennifer; both contribute to my success here at SNHU.