Sheena Dunio

BS Business Admin. - Human Resources Mgmt.

"With a degree from SNHU, I can begin taking a more hands-on role at my company."

I never thought online learning would be right for me. I completed most of my general education requirements at a state university many years ago, but entered the work field instead of completing my degree. Now, eight years later, I decided that it was time to go back and finish what I started. I currently work as an administrative assistant at a cable/internet/phone provider in Central Pennsylvania. I love my job, but it is the human resources aspect that interests me the most. A co-worker saw an SNHU commercial and told me to check out the program, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My advisor, Bryan, has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. He made sure that I was on the correct path for scheduling classes and alleviated any fears that I had. He even called a few times just to check in with me and make sure I was ok, which really shows that SNHU cares about its students.

Along with my full-time job, I also work part-time on the weekends as a server, volunteer as a Sunday school teacher and have been spearheading a fundraising campaign for a coworker. To say that I have a full plate is an understatement, but that is why online schooling is right for me. SNHU Online offers me a flexible schedule. I can do my assignments around my schedule, which is a great thing when you are as busy as I am. The instructors are knowledgeable in their fields and very supportive. I almost forget sometimes that we’re not even in the same city or state. With a degree from SNHU, I can begin taking a more hands-on role at my company. I have a basic foundation of knowledge, but SNHU is helping me to develop and understand everything that has to go along with human resources. I’m not just changing my career, I’m changing my life—and I’m changing it for the better. Although working and going to school is a challenge, the end result will be the most rewarding experience of my life.