Sherelle Barrs

"I've never felt more determined to get my education."

My name is Sherelle Barrs, and I am new to SNHU this year. I started my first term in January and I'm half through my second term. I have sincerely enjoyed my educational experience so far and I'm definitely looking forward to what's to come. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have four children. Back in 2012, my husband was laid off, and last year, I became physically unable to work due to an injury I incurred. Life was tough for us financially, but we always seemed to make it. A week after the term started, my family lost everything: our place and all of our furniture. I was forced to the realization that we were homeless.

It's been difficult for my family. We currently share a space the size of a studio and there are six of us. We believe in the power of God and his plan for our life, so we refuse to get down and stop reaching for our goals and dreams. Throughout everything we are going through, my family finds the strength and courage to continue reaching for the stars. I've never felt more determined to get my education. I've completed my first term of courses via my cell phone’s Internet, and I am currently using the same method for this term. I want to live as an example to my kids that nothing should stand in your way if you have a goal or a dream!