Shirley Hughes

MA History, Class of 2016

"When I saw SNHU had a master’s in history, I knew I had to attend."

I have 19 years experience as a float technician. I take raw materials and make a continuous ribbon of glass for automobiles. I have always had a passion for history. My teachers in both elementary and high school influenced this passion. Once I finished my bachelor’s degree in history, I knew I wanted more. I saw the commercial on TV for SNHU, and decided to look at the website. To my surprise, they had a master's degree in history, and I knew I had to attend. I am 53 years old. I have five nephews who are a great part of my life. My 11-year-old nephew is studying the Civil War now. After his teacher asked him how he knows so much, he replied, “My aunt tells me great stories.” I love his interest in history, and I hope one day he can say he was inspired by those stories.