Stacey Breton

BS Marketing, Class of 2013

"I'd say 90% of the professors have worked in their field."

Growing up in Hooksett, N.H., Stacey Breton drove by the SNHU campus countless times, never envisioning herself enrolling in her hometown university. But her perspective changed with a little persuading from her mother.

"I wanted to go very far away, and she wanted me to stay close," Breton says. "We argued about it a bit, but SNHU ended up having an open house one weekend when we were free, so we decided to stop by. I fell in love the second I walked onto campus."

Through her high-school participation in DECA, an organization that prepares emerging leaders for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management, Breton earned scholarship aid toward attending SNHU, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in marketing. She subsequently accepted a position as a graduate assistant in SNHU's marketing and communications office and is pursuing a master's degree in marketing.

At SNHU, Breton discovered a zest for copywriting that she hopes to parlay into a career. "I have a total passion for creativity," she says. "Brainstorming is my fun thing. I absolutely love copywriting, and I didn't realize that until I came to SNHU."

Serving undergraduate internships with a Manchester marketing agency and a local nonprofit while participating in several extracurricular activities, Breton has emerged grateful that she stayed close to home for college.

"It wasn't my first choice, but it ended up being the right choice," she says.