Steffinie Blankenship

BS Accounting - Forensic Accounting

"This is the best experience I could ask for in continuing education."

I had been tossing around the idea of going back to school for years and, one day, one of my coworkers said that if she could, she would take online classes. I scoffed at the idea, like she was crazy for saying it, but went home anyway and researched online classes and schools.

I chose SNHU because of the awards they’ve won, the dedication they’ve shown toward their students, the fact that I can attend classes full-time and still work full-time without becoming sleep deprived, and their “just ask—we’re here to help” mentality from all of the staff. I know I can reach out to my advisor with anything, and she’s right there to help me out, always! My other motivators are my family and boyfriend. Any time I decline going to dinner or the movies because I’m studying, they always tell me that school is more important and to keep it up. My boyfriend is always interested to hear about my classes and topics. I am always able to apply what I’m learning in class to my job and everyday life. And each class seems to be woven into the next, so I really start to understand how all of the subjects intertwine with life and my major. This is the best experience I could ask for in continuing education, online classes, and the support from my family and SNHU. They really make it fun to be a student again.