Stephanie Cohen

MS Sport Management, Class of 2010

"The SNHU team went out of their way to help me succeed."

It’s not often that at 25 years of age you land your dream job. But that is exactly what happened for Stephanie Cohen ’10. 

“I always knew that I wanted to have a career in sports. Sometimes the stars align and you get your dream job; I feel very lucky,” Stephanie says.

Now a Marketing and Production Coordinator for The New York Mets, Stephanie has combined her love of sports with a successful career in baseball, something she has dreamed about since a young age.

“I’m one of two daughters; my dad was a baseball player. And one of our favorite family activities is getting together and watching a Red Sox game or a Patriots game,” she says.

 Stephanie began pursuing her master's degree in sports management at SNHU at just the right time.

“I had just started a job with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and was living at home in Bedford and could commute to SNHU,” says Stephanie. “When I started my class work, it was like the program was tailored to my personal needs. The faculty truly cares about each student in the program, and wants each and every one of us to succeed.”

Being successful in the sports industry was an important goal for Stephanie. 

“What I was learning in the classroom, I could use in my day-to-day job responsibilities. And what I was doing in my job, I could bring into the classroom,” says Stephanie. “My SNHU ‘team’ wanted to do everything they could to help me be the biggest and the best in the sports industry and I know I wasn’t the only student feeling that way. As it turned out, I completed more than half of my graduate degree online and I still felt incredibly special to my teachers.”

Fortunately for Stephanie, she still feels like going to work at a New York ball park means having the coolest office in the world.