Stephen Rapp

"Earning this degree will allow me the opportunity to pursue a career that has been my lifelong dream."

Playing basketball was my passion. I was a scholarship athlete through college. I attended three different colleges and completed my AA in General Studies and BA in Business Management, with a minor in Political Science before I made it into SNHU.

In truth, I never took education seriously. I was a scholarship athlete; my education was always paid for by someone else. I squeaked through with a 2.3 GPA. Now, fast-forward five years, I have a wife, two children, a full-time job in my field, and I am the Offensive Coordinator at the Dr. Henry A Wise High School, which has one of the top high school football programs in Maryland.

I decided to attend SNHU to earn an MBA with certificate in sport administration, which will allow me to fulfill my dream of becoming a college coach or an athletic director at a local high school.

I was accepted by SNHU on a trial basis that allowed me to take one class and required me to earn a grade of B or better to gain full acceptance. I did SNHU one better, by explaining the path I am pursuing, and the level of importance I have placed on completing my master's degree, I managed to convince SNHU to allow me an opportunity to prove myself by taking two classes. I assured them, I would pass both with flying colors. I did just that.

After receiving an A and a B in my first semester of online classes, I am now enrolled in two classes this semester and carrying an A average in both. I strive for excellence everyday and, since I work with children and have two of my own, it is imperative that I practice what I preach. It would be impossible to expect them to strive for greatness if the same is not reflected in my actions.

My dream has always been to give back to children through sports. Earning this degree will allow me the opportunity to pursue a career that has been my lifelong dream.