Stephen Van Beaver

MBA, Class of 1993

"The program was very adaptable to my needs at the time."

A former software engineer, Van Beaver cofounded Road Runner LLC, a high-speed data joint venture between two cable giants, MediaOne (now Comcast) and Time Warner Cable, and two computer-world heavyweights, Microsoft and Compaq (now HP). An early provider of broadband Internet service, the company became a nationwide player in the late 1990s, growing from a small operation into a multimillion-dollar concern with hundreds of employees.  

"I really liked the challenge of building something, working with a team of people, and the ideas and enthusiasm that environment creates," Van Beaver says.

After successfully positioning Road Runner for substantial growth, Van Beaver began helping others launch new businesses. A general partner since 2001 with Pilot House Ventures Group LLC, a Boston venture capital firm, Van Beaver is part of a team that invests in promising early stage technology companies in Boston and Silicon Valley.

"I'm working with teams of entrepreneurs now who are really motivated to accomplish their goals and dreams," he says. "I support companies and serve as a resource for them, and the exchange of ideas is very exciting."

A Massachusetts native, Van Beaver earned his M.B.A. at SNHU by attending classes on weekends while working full time and traveling extensively.

"The program was very adaptable to my needs at the time," he says.

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Van Beaver was a driving force behind the 2011 launch of the SNHU Entrepreneur Network, a group of alumni devoted to helping students who aspire to become entrepreneurs themselves.

"I really want to give back and share my experiences, good and bad, with students," he says.