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Suzanne Delica

MBA Entrepreneurship, Class of 2015

"SNHU has been a great place to build the foundation."

Pursuing an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a graduate certificate in marketing at SNHU has always been my vision. The blueprint I follow is a culmination of influences from my graduate advisors and even my Mommy. It is simple to say that my graduate advisors are just doing their jobs, but working full-time and constantly moving for work leaves little time for administrative tasks like researching and registering for courses.

My mother, on the other hand, is my rock. When I told her that I thought SNHU was the best match for me, she made sure I applied immediately. I expressed some doubts about adding too much to my plate, but she simply reminded me of my vision. That made all the difference. Like a blueprint, success is iterative. It involves multiple steps and sometimes includes starting over or considering alternatives.

My matriculation at SNHU has been an on-going process with some changes here and there, yet my vision has yet to change. My mother has instilled in me an entrepreneurial drive that allows me to overcome a challenge no matter how momentous the vision seems. And SNHU has been a great place to build the foundation.