Svea Schreiner

"It was the connections at SNHU that got me (my) job."

"I had a 4.0 GPA. I ran cross-country for four years. I worked really hard, and I didn't hear a word," she says. But just before the start of school, she received an unexpected phone call. A teaching mentor had recommended her for a job that had opened up at Goffstown High School, teaching English and coaching track. "They called me in for an interview," she says. "It was the connections at SNHU that got me the job." Svea began making such connections in her freshman year. "I had a really great professor for my Introduction to Education course," she says. "She really got to know all of us. She made everyone feel comfortable, and she even came to some of my cross-country meets and cheered me on." Now, Svea is doing the same for her students. "The best thing is getting to know the students, making connections," she says.