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Tammy Boggs

BS Business Admin. - Human Resources Mgmt., Class of 2017

"The resources that are available to help us are incredible."

I am a 55-year-old grandmother of eight grandchildren, and mother of five, who has always put the needs of everyone else in her life before her own. Having a special needs grandson is a very big reason I chose to put my career as a business manager on hold, believing that once you choose to bring children into this world, you promise to take care of them no matter what sacrifices you may have to make. So I lost my job as general manager with a company that wanted a degree from me, to enhance my position. When I chose to give time to my family -  who I believe needed me more at that time - I was let go, stating my position was no longer needed. I settled for a minimum wage job to stay close to my family, and put the dream of going back to college on the back burner.

Now eight years later, my family is able to take care of their own, not needing my help as much anymore. I decided, after 15 years, to go back to college. One night, while watching the television, I saw a commercial for SNHU. Knowing I would not be able to go to college on campus, due to my heavy work schedule and financial situation, the thought of online classes was very appealing to me. The commercial I saw showed the staff from SNHU going around to different states, giving online students who could not attend graduation their diplomas. I thought to myself, if they are willing to go that far for their students, then their main concern must be their students. Then I researched the courses offered at SNHU, and my dream course was there. After months of persuasion from family and friends, I enrolled.

I am so happy I did. Being afraid of failure, I was scared at first. But my academic advisor, Todd Robertson, was wonderful at easing my fears and helping me so very much with enrollment, advice and guidance through the workings of the whole online process, and also letting me know he is there any time for any reason. He has been a big help. Also, the resources that are available to help us are incredible. Therefore, with hard work and determination, failure will not be an option. Thanks to Todd, I am at the present time carrying an "A" for this semester.

Finally, after all these years, achieving my goal is up to me and attainable. When I have achieved my goal and get my degree, I can finally help my family financially, along with the moral support I have always given them. And that will undoubtedly boost my own self worth. Thanks, SNHU.