Teri Kiser

MS Accounting - Auditing

"SNHU’s awards and rank impressed me, so I enrolled for the next leg of my educational journey."

When I graduated high school, in 1981, I had a goal of becoming a CPA because I had a passion for analyzing numbers. However, my priorities quickly changed; I was young and lost track of my goal. I got married (first husband), entered into the workforce, had two beautiful girls, got divorced and married my current husband who is my best friend. I had pushed my dream to the side for life as I knew it. Fast-forward from 1981 to 2008: I was talking to a friend about my regret of not following my goal and dream of becoming a CPA, and she suggested that I complete my dream by enrolling in college. I thought I was too old; who goes to college at 45? After researching options, I knew that traditional college wouldn’t work for me because I didn’t have the three hours to devote to in-classroom courses. I was working a full-time job as an office manager of a fence company, a part-time job at our family’s construction company, and had volunteered for a nonprofit organization. How was I going to fit my goal into my current life?

Online education seemed to be the only fit that worked for me, so I enrolled in an online accounting program at the another university in October of 2008. While working my full-time job, my part-time job and volunteering my time, I completed my associate degree in accounting in November of 2010 with a 3.97 GPA and my bachelor’s degree in accounting in November 2012 with a 3.92 GPA. I had completed 120 college credits in four years, became a member of Delta Mu Delta (International Honor Society in Business) and fit my education into my extremely hectic life. Even with a hectic life, I’m always looking to improve my life, so I started an additional endeavor (an accounting business) during my bachelor’s program. At times, it was difficult to balance God, family/friends, work and education without losing myself in to mix. It takes drive, dedication, devotion and determination in all aspects of life. In Idaho, there are requirements before getting a CPA designation. Two of these requirements are to pass the exam and have 150 college credits. I decided to get the 150 college credits before taking the exam. I started looking for a university that offered a master’s degree in accounting with a forensic concentration with an online program. SNHU’s awards and rank impressed me, so I enrolled for the next leg of my educational journey. In June of 2013, my life took a dramatic change. I left the fence company job after 21 years and became a project manager for a large construction project with our family’s construction company, while completing all the accounting and office administrative duties (Can you say H-E-C-T-I-C ?), and I still operate my accounting business and volunteer for the nonprofit organization.

During this dramatic change, I decided to change my master’s program. I’m now working on a master’s degree in accounting with an auditing concentration, a forensic certification and a taxation certification. Why not? I only have to take five more classes, and knowledge is power! Even though my life is more hectic, my drive, dedication, devotion and determination are stronger than ever. I currently hold a 3.92 GPA at SNHU with my master’s program(s). I’m a 50-year-old Southern New Hampshire University student, with no regrets and I’m honored and privileged to be able to share my success story with you.