Terriann Magdziarz

BA Psychology - Child & Adolescent Development, Class of 2015

"I am so happy to call SNHU my college and am proud to study here!"

I came to SNHU after a few years of putting off what I knew I needed to do for my career. I had achieved my associate degree in business after high school, and I have been in banking since. I enjoy helping people and have succeeded as a customer service representative, but do not feel that this current career has purpose. I have been passionate about helping children for a few years now and finally decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development.

I was adopted out of an abusive household when I was very young. I often wonder where I would be today if someone had not taken the time to help me find a better home. Likewise, I am forever grateful for my parents who have poured their love and life into me. I believe that I only have one life to live and that I should be living for a purpose greater than myself. I want to make a difference in the world, long-term, and hope that this degree will give me those opportunities. There is an incredible need in the U.S. for homes for underprivileged children. According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, in 2012, there were almost 400,000 children in foster care. I hope to be a child-protective social worker when I graduate. I anticipate completing my online degree by 2015 and cannot wait to start this wonderful career.

I chose SNHU because I need to work, and the online program is a perfect fit for my life. I am so happy to call SNHU my college and am proud to study here! The teachers are incredibly helpful, and I absolutely love it here! I know there will be very challenging days ahead of me, working with neglected children, but being able to put hope into their hearts will be completely worth it! I will see what the future holds, but I also plan to open my own home to foster children and adopt. Thank you for taking interest in my personal story.