Terry Nye

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader, Class of 2015

"My professor gave me individual attention and encouragement; her support showed me that I could achieve my goal."

I graduated from a BSN program in 1987 in San Rafael, California. As many, I was not from the area but fell in love with Northern California and stayed. I, very quickly, was promoted to management and staff development, and I have been working in these areas for the past 20 years. The chief nurse at my current hospital encouraged me get a master’s degree. I really could not afford the cost of many of the local schools, nor did I have the time with working 60-hour weeks. One night, an ad came on TV about SNHU. I called the next day, and Sheila helped me understand how I could make it happen.

The first class was tough, and I was very concerned, but Professor Para (even though she was thousands of miles away) gave me individual attention and encouragement. Her support showed me that I could achieve my goal. Over the past year, what I have come to discover is that it is not where you go to school or how much it costs — it is the knowledge and the ability of the professors to explain the information that really matters. SNHU has these professors and they are willing to work with you at any time.