Theresa Harley

BS Marketing - Social Media Marketing, Class of 2017

"Every person at SNHU wants me to be successful."

I was lucky enough to be born into a military family. My dad was in the Air Force. I was born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. My life as a young girl was full of excitement and traveling. We all traveled from country to country and all over the United States. We finally settled down in southern California. When I was in high school, Mr. Phillips, my science teacher, told the class that more than 90% of us would not go to a four-year college right after high school. He was right. I went to a one-year nursing school and became a licensed vocational nurse for California.

After nursing, I became a social worker for Riverside County. Later, I worked as a counselor to high-risk women addicted to heroin. After leaving the counseling job, I became a stay-at-home mom to be with our two children. About a year later, my supervisor at Riverside County asked if I would come back to my previous job as a social worker. I did until my family and I moved to Wisconsin. I quickly became jobless when my third daughter was born, weighing in at one pound, 16-ounces. When she came home from the hospital, things for me became extremely hard. She required constant care. Therefore, here I was, unemployable. I did the typical things like working in restaurants, making minimum wage and going nowhere.

I started to think about that high school teacher's 30-year-old comment. I enrolled at SNHU to obtain my bachelor's degree in marketing and social media. I still have about 10 courses to complete before I graduate. Even though I am very late in showing Mr. Phillips that I can complete a 4-year college and obtain a bachelor's degree, I am doing it.

Every person at SNHU wants me to be successful. I am grateful for the teachers, my advisor, and all of the staff. I am even thinking of going on for my master's degree. What would Mr. Phillips say if he saw me now? When I graduate from SNHU, I will graduate alongside my classmates. I am so excited. I have to say that I am very proud of myself. As a final note: Today, Brenna, the small baby, is now a perfect teenager, both in body and in mind. In addition, I would not be able to graduate without the help, support, and love from my family and SNHU.