Tiffany Cloutier

BA Psychology, Class of 2016

"My advisor has been an amazing resource, and she is a big part of why I am successful at SNHU."

Curious by nature, I've always loved to learn and was exceptionally well-read, yet I slipped through the cracks of the public school system. Believing higher education was out of my reach, I married young and started a family early. I found out pretty quickly that finding the balance between love and money is complicated. I often worked two jobs and suffered immense guilt for missing my family. By 2009, I was divorced with four boys to raise. They counted on me to give them a good life, and I couldn't let them down.

That's when I decided to go back to school. My journey began with a course in basic nursing to obtain licensure as a nurse assistant. With that, I entered the medical field and felt at home doing patient care. It made me want to excel in a career helping people. I enrolled in the community college to earn some credits for remedial courses that I needed to brush up on. From there, I went on to another college where I earned 30 credits and a diploma in medical assisting. That was a tough and intense full-time program that I completed in eight months while working full-time and raising my four boys. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I couldn't have done it without the support of my family. Still, I longed for a true degree, but I didn't want my children spending their whole childhood watching me breeze in and out of the door for work and school. That's why SNHU online has been such a blessing. In 2011, I discovered SNHU's online programs. The advising team helped me transfer all of my credits from the community college and the college where I earned my diploma toward SNHU's B.A. in Psychology program. Now I can still give my attention to my family and my full-time job because I take just one class at a time. My advisor has been an amazing resource, and she is a big part of why I am successful at SNHU.