Tiffany Edwards

BA Psychology - Forensic Psychology

"There is a feeling that I’ve found a place where I belong."

My grandmother used to say, "The journey is not about how you fall or the numerous times; yet, it’s about how you rise after a storm." Not to sound egotistical or corny, sometimes I imagine myself as the eagle flying above the clouds. The majority of the time it’s about relying on my faith, solely to make it another day. Throughout life, I've had several obstacles forming doubt about my self-worth — including negative words from relatives to previous advisors; with all of them saying that I would not amount to anything, so why try at all. Due to a personal loss a few years ago, I almost caved into that negativism.

The path to SNHU consisted of prayer and a personal tragedy; one that keeps bringing tears to my eyes upon every contemplation. It is what drove me to switch career paths from criminal justice to forensic psychology. This strength to make it another day, and become something greater than I ever imagined, is due to my sister. She was my hero and moral compass, in addition to faith. 

Taking college courses or going to college is not a new concept, but a different challenge. The transition from a previous university to Southern New Hampshire University was a smooth transition — never has there been an institution that has welcomed, nor made its perspective students feel like the center of attention. Furthermore, the follow-through on their word to make the process easy, understandable and obtainable was equally as smooth.

Through my late grandmother’s encouraging words, the realization dawned on me that my own perception of self is far greater than any other’s. Perhaps it is why I push myself even harder than others do to be the best I can. Doing something halfway is never an option for me, nor will it ever become one. While some might say I’m on the verge of becoming a perfectionist, I prefer using the cliché, “making lemonade,” taking all of my obstacles and using them to my advantage.

A first negative experience, from a previous academic advisor, happened when one look was taken at my SAT scores, and the advisor blankly said, “You do not belong, nor would you succeed.” Long story short, after praying continuously, there was a commercial about a school I never heard of before; not taking into consideration my prayers for guidance, I changed the channel. Some might say it’s a coincidence or fate that another channel showed the same commercial. Whether it’s contemporaneous or not, there is a feeling that I’ve found a place where I belong.

My faith has taught me several things: a main lesson learned is that we go through life’s monsoons/adaptations for a reason. As hurtful as it seems without my sister’s death, I would not have had the courage to change career paths, let alone return to school.

To those who may read this, I offer this piece of advice: Take nothing for granted, seek every opportunity provided to you, love your family, and if you have that special someone who encourages you more than you could ever do yourself — let them know it.