Tiffany Howes

MS Criminal Justice, Class of 2016

"I was able to find the time that I needed to do everything else in my daily schedule."

Tiffany Howes knew she wanted to finish the college degree she had begun years before, but it wasn't until she found Southern New Hampshire University that she found a way to do it.

Howes said she likes "to just get things done," so when she enrolled in classes, she often found herself reading and studying during quiet moments when her young son was sleeping. She said the flexibility of the online courses allowed her to set her schedule and not miss out on moments in her son's life.

"(SNHU) provided me with a certain level of flexibility that I needed because I did have so much going on," Howes said. "I was able to get things done that I needed to do so I didn't have to worry about going to a campus and rearranging child care and all the things that come with going back to school and being a mom."

Howes said the structure of the courses allowed her to see when each assignment would be due at the beginning of each week and then build her schedule so she could continue fulfilling her other responsibilities.

"I was able to find the time that I needed to do everything else in my daily schedule," she said.

Howes said she had often heard that she wouldn't have much time for herself after having a child and taking care of her family. She said she was motivated to accomplish a goal she had set for herself and hopes she can show others that they can do it, too.

"For me, this was my chance. This was my time, and I was able to make it happen," she said. "I want people to take away from my story that it's possible. It's absolutely 100% possible. It's what you're going to put into it, but (SNHU) gives you the opportunity to go and do that."