Tiffany Tipton

BA Psychology, Class of 2018

"My student advisor has been extremely helpful in assisting me in goal setting, reaching my goals and planning for success."

My journey on this path called life has been one full of bumps, bruises, and physical and mental anguish. I was a child of a teen mother. I spent most of my childhood in and out of foster homes and group homes. When I turned eighteen, I moved out on my own with no knowledge of the outside world and how my actions would affect not only myself, but those around me.

I found myself in horrible situations involving drug use, alcoholism and domestic violence. I became homeless, lost and confused. When I turned twenty-one, I discovered that I was soon to become a mother. Knowing that I was bringing a child into this world, I had to find some way to vanquish my demons and overcome my life as I knew it.

Now, almost a year-and-a-half later, I am going to school, running my own business and providing for my daughter in ways I had never thought possible. I decided to attend college when I was watching a television show with my daughter. A commercial was playing and it showed children with their mothers on career day. They had such wonderful things to say about their mothers, and the look of pride on their faces hit home. Then a question was asked. "What do you want your children to say about you?"

I certainly didn't want my daughter to take me to school saying "This is my mother and she flips burgers at McDonald's." I instantly began the search for a school that would suit my needs. I knew right away what I wanted to study. My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have always been interested in what caused her disorder, and I have always wanted to help others like my mother.

Psychology is my calling, and with a degree, I can possibly help to discover new aspects in the field and possibly even find a cure. SNHU has been amazing for me. My student advisor for my BA in Psychology has been extremely helpful in assisting me in goal setting, reaching my goals and planning for success in all of my classes.

I'm also thankful for how hands-on my professors have been. They're quick to answer any questions that I may have and their feedback is always helpful in advancing my knowledge.

Someone once told me: "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." I use this quote daily, for it is exactly how I am living my life. If it weren't for my past experiences, the love of my daughter, and the help from my professors and my academic advisor, I wouldn't have gotten this far. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.