Tina Marie James

MA English & Creative Writing

"From the moment I met my classmates and instructor, I felt comfortable."

My experience with Southern New Hampshire University online has been a pleasant one. Before I started my first class, I had a little experience with an online class, so I wasn't as afraid, but I was still a little nervous. From the moment I met my classmates and instructor, I felt comfortable. The feedback that I received from my instructor and classmates was valuable, and it helped me improve my work.

I learned then that I needed patience and diligence in order to be successful. With patience, I could focus more on the assignment to better understand the instructions at hand. With diligence, I focused on completing the assignment with quality and put together polished work. Because of this, I continued to put all of my effort into my work with the support of my husband and advisor. From the start, I always had constant support. Whether it came from my husband, advisor, or admission counselor, I had people helping me and cheering me on. My success would not be achieved if I didn't have people like my admission counselor, advisor, and husband to help me through this process.