Tonyan Geans

MS Accounting - Forensic Accounting, Class of 2015

"My choice to attend SNHU fits perfectly into my life and my desire to enrich my education and enhance the community in which I live."

My goal for attending SNHU is to complete a master’s in forensic accounting. My academic advisor, Mr. Justin Mazzone, encouraged me to continue this journey of getting my master’s, with the possibility of creating a custom-fit career, even if where I ended up isn’t where I originally intended.

I graduated from college in Detroit, Michigan, and worked briefly in the Michigan and Florida markets. I decided to work from home to create a career where I’d be accommodated because of my value to the organization. Attending SNHU fits into the flexible lifestyle I need to pursue my master’s. I reflect on how significantly the finance industry has changed since I began my career. Many changes have been positive, such as the acceptance of African-American women in the finance and accounting field. It’s not only the industry that has changed, though. I realized that my quality of life was more important than my career.

I eventually left the government and began to craft a career that fit my priorities and lifestyle. I learned it’s all about choices, and hopefully about building a lifestyle that brings peace. That’s not always easy. I’ve always had to prove myself, but I’ve never been the person elbowing to be first in line. I’ve been awarded business student of the year and sales rookie of the year. But the greatest accomplishment of my life is parenting two young adults: Malcolm and Raven Geans.

My parents have been the biggest influence in my life. They have supported all my adventures, and were true givers of time, money, love, lessons and material things. They not only gave to their children, but to other family members, neighbors and strangers. Missionaries and ministers within the church, they also fostered 11 children and helped build several churches within the community. They demonstrated to me the commitment of family, community and always making God the circle of our lives, which is still important to me. The meaning of success has been demonstrating confidence and courage to make changes that will not only impact my life, but to also impact the lives of others around me. My choice to attend SNHU fits perfectly into my life and my desire to enrich my education and enhance the community in which I live.