Torey Stickrath

"It was cheaper and easier for me to attend SNHU online than a brick-and-mortar school."

Before choosing Southern New Hampshire University, I tried other institutions. When I was at other colleges and universities, I either didn't feel that my major was right for me; the staff at those colleges just didn't put one-hundred percent into ensuring their students learned what they needed or that I had any control over what I felt I needed to learn. When I decided to give college one last try, SNHU's admissions counselor assisted me every step of the way from asking me what I wanted to do to helping me find the right degree to keeping me updated on how the entrance process was going and being the first person to call to let me know that I was accepted. They also helped me figure out that it was cheaper and easier for me to attend SNHU online than a brick-and-mortar school, which is also an option with Southern New Hampshire University. My advisor keeps me updated with information relevant to me and my success at the university, as well as checking in to make sure everything is going all right. And as for being an online student, I love being able to learn information at my own pace, while still having weekly goals that need to be met as I go about my classes. Also, I have direct contact with my instructors and usually receive feedback within a day. And most of my assignments get instant feedback, so I can see where I need to improve on topics. All in all, attending Southern New Hampshire University has to be one of the best choices I've ever made.