Trista Marrow

"The professors and anyone else that I have ever spoken with just make me feel like I belong."

I never thought I would get a chance to go further with my education. I was getting ready to go through a divorce after just having moved halfway across the county. I felt like my life was falling apart and I had to do something. So, I decided to go for a degree in the medical field.

At first, I applied and enrolled at a different college. I had less than fourteen classes to go in my degree program when they then told me I was out of funding. I went into a panic mode. I saw all of my hard work going to waste and no one there was willing to help me. I went on a search for a new school.

Thankfully, I found SNHU. SNHU has been the light at the end of the tunnel. I am now back on the road to my degree in healthcare management. Everyone that I have worked with, from Samantha in enrollment to Emma in academic advising, has been great. Samantha was excellent in keeping me up-to-date on where I was in the enrollment process and what I needed to do to help the process along, and I just cannot say enough about my advisor, Emma. I have talked to Emma more in just the one term I’ve been at SNHU than I talked to my old advisor the entire time I was at my previous school. I love the way the courses are structured—it provides a nice flow for learning. The professors and anyone else that I have even spoken with just make me feel like I belong. This makes learning much easier.

I have had great support from my family and friends as well. I could call them or email them copies of what I was working on, and they would be my proofreaders and sounding boards. They are all rooting for me, and will be just as glad as I will when I graduate. Like I told Samantha when I enrolled, if it takes me until I am 99 and I am on my deathbed, I plan to have my degree in my hand. I have put in too much blood, sweat, tears and time not to go all the way. Thank you to all who have ever been there to listen to me grumble or gripe. Thanks for bringing me back to reality and reminding me that the struggle will be worth it.