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Victor Rivera

BS Data Analytics, Class of 2016

"SNHU seemed so personal and offered a second chance at life to achieve upper academia."

My name is Victor Rivera, I am 26 years old and I am a supervisor at a New Jersey manufacturing facility of medical devices. I am currently in my second semester of SNHU as an online student, majoring in data analytics. This line of work is very fast-paced and logistics heavy. I found the job after taking classes for several years at my local community college, which seemed never-ending and always changing. Schooling at the time was not high priority for me, and I realized after my last semester there that, instead of wandering the halls, I had to make a crucial decision: If I would stop going to school and pursue my career, or if I would find a way to make my next move.

After eating breakfast one morning, I had seen a commercial about SNHU, where the bus was giving out diplomas to all the online students throughout the country. They were all explaining, how they graduated for their spouses or their kids. At that moment, SNHU seemed so personal and offered a second chance at life to achieve upper academia. I called the school, and I was immediately taken care of by their staff. This has been a really amazing experience, where the facility really cares, has guided me through the sign-up process and has crafted a major for me. My work-life has really milled me down to the point where I now knew that college would only make my life better and life’s options limitless. I chose to go back to school for myself. I want to function as a contributing member of society. I am proud to be a data analytics major, a newly revived student and above all, an SNHU future success story.