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Victoria Bueno

BA Sociology, Class of 2014

"The moment I enrolled, the professors, counselors, and faculty have all been amazing and supportive."

As a SNHU online student and sociology major, it has been a long and trying journey! In high school, I really had no desire for college until my father suddenly passed away my senior year. That was a serious wake up call for me—knowing he wasn't going to be there to see me graduate high school like he did for my sisters, see me off to college, have my first beer when I turned 21, meeting my partner, walk me down the aisle at my wedding or even to meet his grandchildren. I knew I still wanted to make him proud, so I immediately enrolled into the community college after graduation with no clue what I wanted to major in. After being an undeclared major for a bit, I enrolled into a sociology class as I had no prior knowledge of the subject, but mainly due to the fact that there were empty seats. The class completely changed the way I thought and perceived everything around me—I immediately knew that this was the major for me. I eventually grew to realize that community college wasn't right for me—my work and school were becoming impossible as California colleges were facing tough budget restrictions and were cutting courses intensely. It was literally a fight to get into the courses you needed to graduate, so I opted out for online courses. Those too, became too difficult to enroll into, so I felt it was time to move on. Not only did I feel it was time for a college change, but I also received a promotion at my job to management, which required relocation. It seemed to all fall into place. So, my partner and I packed our bags and moved out to Colorado to start our new lives together!

There I found Southern New Hampshire University after great lengths of research. The moment I enrolled, the professors, counselors, and faculty have all been amazing and supportive. I have never seen a school care so much about their students and support their growth. The classes have been challenging and difficult, but I always had help from my professors, fellow students and faculty from SNHU. My intense work schedule, full of constant over-time, always makes the life, work and balance nearly impossible—especially now that I just started an internship with the 18th Judicial District of Colorado as a deputy probation officer. I am very excited for this opportunity to work with 18th Judicial Court and start my career! The journey has been long, but I am glad SNHU has been there to help with the whole way!