Victoria Nye

BA Creative Writing & English - Screenwriting, Class of 2017

"I couldn't have picked a better university."

I've always had a passion for writing, as well as a passion for film. When I was around 18, I merged the two and began a journey of self-teaching the craft of screenwriting. A couple of years ago I submitted to Amazon Studios’ first ever screenplay competition, a script I had written in a week (that was still just a first draft!), and was informed it had made it to the semi-finals. My little idea had made it into the top 50 out of 2000 scripts. It was then that I decided I wanted a stronger education behind the craft to support my general knowledge.

After weeks of researching for a university that didn't seem to be a scam or just a moneymaking school, I discovered SNHU. I looked further into the courses available and the school's history, and I found myself really wanting to give this a shot – and here I am! I couldn't have picked a better university. It also allows me to further claim my reasoning for being an all teams New England fan rather than the usual "My dad is a Bostonian, and he raised me this way." This gives me some "roots" so to speak.