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Wanda Argersinger

MA English & Creative Writing, Class of 2014

"After I graduate this year, I will be going on to earn my master’s degree."

I'm a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, employee, writer, lupus patient and a dreamer. I've always wanted to complete my education, including getting my master’s degree. But I put my education dreams aside to raise my children, and then help raise one grandson. I finally registered two years ago at SNHU, scared but determined. I will complete my BA in English and creative writing this year.

Throughout the program, I've questioned myself many times about why I'm doing this? Am I too old? Am I crazy? I work two jobs, I write and have published five books. I've struggled completing classes because of my lupus. During one class, I was so sick, I went to work, and as soon as I got home I went to bed. I purchased a hospital bedside table and completed my class from there. This past year I had major back surgery and was back in class after one week.

Do I need the degree? Maybe not. Do I want the degree? More than just about anything right now. So I have continued to work to achieve this goal. I've maintained an A average throughout the program, and am proud that I have managed to do that. I've loved the classes, the professors, my advisor and the opportunity to get the degree I've dreamed of, but was unable to obtain until my family obligations were under control. After I graduate this year, I will be going on to earn my master’s degree, and hope one day to be able to return to SNHU and teach the classes I've loved.