William Fairley

BS Computer Information Technology, Class of 2015

"After reviewing my options, I selected SNHU, and I love it."

After high school, I joined the U.S. Navy (like most of the men in my family) and volunteered for submarine duty. I served six years and then got out and went to another university first. While there, I found employment as a computer technician and did both for a while. Eventually, I had to work full-time. Since then, I have attended college when I could afford it and had the time. Currently, I own a computer support company in the Tampa, Florida area. Last summer, I decided to return to college to finish my degree. After reviewing my options, I selected SNHU, and I love it. It seems like this method is made for me. I am a night person, and I like to work at my own pace. Sometimes, if I am not busy with life, I can devote days to my studies. Other times, it is an hour here and an hour there. I truly appreciate the help I have gotten from my advisor, Ben MacLeod and all my professors. The flexibility of SNHU is what works for me.