Yesica Lantigua

MS Accounting - Forensic Accounting, Class of 2017

"... I have an advanced accounting education. Now I’m putting it all together with my ... experience to start the next phase of my career."

Yesica Lantigua's father immigrated with his daughters to the United States from the Dominican Republic. "When we first came to this country, we had to learn 50 new English words each day. Within a year, we were speaking and writing English," she said. Although her father only has a middle school-level education, he always helped his children with their schoolwork and encouraged them to earn their college degrees as a way to realize the American dream.

So Lantigua worked hard and made honor roll. During high school, she saw an episode of the television show "Forensic Files," in which a forensic accountant solved the case. "From that moment on, I was determined to become a forensic accountant," she said.

She started by earning her BS in Accounting. Afterward, she secured a full-time position as a financial assistant at Zelis, a healthcare information technology company, before becoming an accounts payable associate. Her success inspired her extended family, but she yearned to further her education and career.

Encouraged by her father, Lantigua enrolled in SNHU's online master's in forensic accounting program and was promoted to staff accountant at work. As a first-generation college student though, "you are on your own most of the time. Your family is proud, but they don't understand the struggle, the pressure, and the expectations."

Lantigua credits her advisors and professors with helping her complete her academic journey. "My goal now is to work for an international corporation. I'm also an entrepreneur and am looking into the import/export industry. Because of SNHU, I have an advanced accounting education. Now I'm putting it all together with my professional experience to start the next phase of my career."