Laptop Program

Welcome to Southern New Hampshire University's student laptop computing initiative. As an SNHU student you may be required to bring a laptop computer for use in your studies, see Laptop Requirements. The laptops are used to enrich your learning experience by exposure to new technologies in and outside of the classroom, greater interaction with your instructors and classmates and better access to educational resources. As you use your laptop, you will build vital skills needed in today's job market.

With our wireless environment and your laptop, you can access the internet, email, classmates, library databases and other resources from numerous sites across the campus.

Expand the sections within this page to answer questions you may have about the laptop program.

Laptop Purchase

SNHU and Dell have teamed up to offer you the benefit of participating in the Dell University Program. This program offers award-winning technology and Dell's Complete Care service and support plan.

Check out the special offers from Dell especially for SNHU!

Software: Microsoft Office is required for all students. We recommend that you go to and purchase Office 365 University.

Extended Service: The Dell laptops in this program come with a 4 year limited warranty; plus 4 year Next Business Day (NBD) on-site service; plus Dell's Notebook Complete Care plan that covers damage in case of accidents. See the Dell site for further information. If your laptop requires service bring it to the Technology Help Desk in Exeter Hall. 

Order By: Order your laptop by the first week of August to ensure it arrives in time for the fall semester.

Resident Students: If you are a resident student, bring a copy of the paperwork that comes with your Dell laptop, including the invoice, warranty, product registration and any manuals. Your Dell Customer Number is located on the invoice and may be needed for service.

International Students: If you reside outside of the United States and prefer to have the laptop shipped directly to your SNHU campus address, provide Dell with the following ship to address:

Southern New Hampshire University
2500 North River Road
Manchester, New Hampshire 03106
Attn: (Your Name), Incoming Student

Then send an email to the mailroom supervisor at to alert them that you have ordered a laptop computer and it will be shipped to your campus address before your arrival.

Laptop Policies

We recommend that you bring your laptops to class the first week. Your instructor will explain how frequently you will need it in class.

Your instructors will discuss the use of laptops within your classes. In general avoid distracting other students by turning off instant messaging, email, games and other unnecessary applications before class begins.

When using laptops and other computers, be aware of SNHU's
Network Acceptable Use Policy and File Sharing Policy. Information Technology Solutions monitors illegal downloading of music and other files from campus sites and will restrict network usage for anyone found violating this policy.

We strongly recommend that you avoid downloading unnecessary programs, supposedly useful utilities and games on to your laptop. These programs can create problems with other software on your computer. It is best to keep your computer clean.

Laptop Requirements

Undergraduate Day Students:
All undergraduate day students are required to have a wireless laptop computer for use in classes and other academic activities. Desktop computers may not be substituted for this requirement. As an SNHU student, you are entitled to participate in Dell's University Program to purchase a laptop. We highly recommend the computers in this program.

Required Hardware and Software: Graphic Design Majors

It is essential that Graphic Design students have industry-standard hardware and software equipment.

Student discounts are available.

Required Hardware

Minimum Mac Specifications:

  • Model: MacBook Pro
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Display size: 15-inch
  • Hard drive: 750 GB or larger
  • Antivirus software: Your choice; antitrust software is required for students to connect to the SNHU network.

Required Software

  • Annual subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud design suite

Required Hardware and Software: Game Design Majors

It is essential that Game Design students have industry-standard hardware and software equipment. Student discounts are available.

Required Hardware

Laptop specifications:

Minimum Recommended
Intel i7 or equivalent processor Intel i7 or equivalent processor
16 GB of RAM 16 GB of DDR3 RAM
5400 RPM hard drive 7200 RPM hard drive and/or solid state
Screen size - 15 inch Screen size - 17 inch
Screen resolution - 1440x900 Screen resolution - 1920x1080
Dedicated video card, 1 GB Dedicated video card, 2 GB+

Must have accessories:

  • Drawing Tablet - A drawing tablet is consists of a stylus and pad that connects to your computer via USB. Tablets are used to draw in graphics applications like Photoshop or zBrush. If you are a game art major, the head of the department recommends purchasing a Wacom tablet. A great tablet is the Wacom Intuos. We recommend a medium size since the large is better suited for a stationary setup. A smaller tablet is more portable.
  • 32 GB Flash Drive or Hard Drive
  • USB Mouse

Required Software

  • Game Engines - Software that assists with the creation of games.
    • Unity - 3D engine that uses C# and JavaScript.
    • Construct - 2D engine for rapid prototyping and codeless development.
  • 3D Modeling Software - Used in the creation of 3D objects.

Frequently Asked Questions for Game Majors

  • Should I get an extended warranty? - The school offers a help desk for most software related issues, but hardware repair costs can get expensive. An extended manufacturer’s warranty may help in the case of hardware issues. If you’re going to spend the money on a warranty, accidental coverage is recommended. Most laptops have a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Mac vs. PC? - Either is fine as long as it meets the recommended hardware requirements. Macs will need a bootcamp installation so they can run Windows for specific software. The MacBook Pro usually runs over $2000 for our required specifications.
  • Are desktop computers available as well? - Yes! We have a gaming lab with desktop computers that have all necessary software preinstalled. Students are allowed to use the lab when there is no class in session, though some game design teachers will permit students to work while class is in session. Some students choose not to purchase gaming laptops, but be aware that the lab is not open past midnight.

Laptop Support

If your laptop requires servicing, bring it to the Technology Help Desk in Exeter Hall. The Dell laptops come with a 4 year limited warranty; plus 4 year Next Business Day (NBD) on-site service; plus Dell's Notebook CompleteCare plan that covers damage in case of accidents. See the Dell site for further information.

International Students
If your laptop requires service while you are outside of the United States, call Dell directly. See Dell's Support for the appropriate phone number.

If you have questions or problems with your computer please visit the Technology Help Desk in Exeter Hall, login to my.SNHU and create a case online, or call 1-855-877-9919.  Support is available via the Help Desk from 8am to 8pm (see published schedule in the fall for exact times).

If you have questions about your laptop before September, call or email Aaron Flint, Associate Director of Academic Computing at 603.645.9678 ,

Consider enrolling in the IT 100 Introduction to Information Technology course early in your academic schedule for an introduction to the software on your laptop.

The SNHU Learning Center periodically offers workshops to better use the software on your laptop.

Laptop Theft

Laptops are particularly vulnerable to theft. Take the following precautions:

  • Be sure that your laptop is covered under your home owners insurance. The warranty that comes with the Dell laptop does not cover theft.
  • Consider purchasing a PC Theft Recovery Service from Dell or other vendor. This service tracks the location of your computer and reports its location to a monitoring center when it connects to the Internet.
  • Do not leave your laptop unattended.
  • Record your laptop's serial number.
  • Purchase a security cable available at the Dell Laptop Purchase site.