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More than 180 accredited undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs are available on online, on location at one of our five regional centers or in a blended format which combines online and on location learning.

To learn more, call 888.327.SNHU.

Program requirements for regional centers are equivalent to online programs. For detailed information, visit our our online undergraduate or graduate program pages.

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Program NameCenter*BlendedCenter*BlendedCenter*BlendedCenter*BlendedCenter*Blended
Accounting (AS)
Accounting (BS)
Accounting (MS)
Accounting Certificate
Accounting Finance (MS)
Accounting Grad Certificate
Accounting-Accelerated Track (BS)
Accounting/Auditing (MS)
Accounting/Finance (BS)
Accounting/Forensic Acc & Fraud Examination (BS)
Accounting/Forensic Acc (MS)
Accounting/Taxation (MS)
Anthropology/Environmental Sustainability (BA)
Anthropology/Geospatial Technologies (BA)
Applied Economics (MS)
Applied Economics/Environmental & Natural Resource Economics (MS)
Athletic Administration Grad Cert
Business Admin/Healthcare Administration (BS)
Business Admin/Human Resource Mgt (BS)
Business Admin/Intnl Business (PhD)
Business Admin/Org Leadership (BS)
Business Admin/Small Business Mgt (BS)
Business Administration (AS)
Business Administration (BS)
Business Administration/Nonprofit Mgt (BS)
Business Information Systems Cert
Business Studies/Accounting (BS)
Business Studies/Business Admin (BS)
Business Studies/Business Finance (BS)
Business Studies/Computer IT (BS)
Business Studies/Game Design (BS)
Business Studies/HR Mgt (BS)
Business Studies/Industrial & Org Psy (BS)
Business Studies/International Mgt (BS)
Business Studies/Marketing (BS)
Business Studies/Operations & Project Mgt (BS)
Business Studies/Org Leadership (BS)
Business Studies/Small Business Mgt (BS)
Business Studies/Sport Mgt (BS)
Communication (BA)
Communication (MA)
Communication/Health Communication (MA)
Communication/New Media & Marketing (MA)
Communication/Professional Writing (BA)
Communication/Public Relations (BA)
Communication/Public Relations (MA)
Computer IT (AS)
Computer IT (BA)
Computer IT (BS)
Course Work Only - Graduate
Course Work Only - Undergraduate
Creative Writing & English (BA)
Creative Writing/Fiction Writing (BA)
Creative Writing/Nonfiction Writing (BA)
Creative Writing/Poetry (BA)
Creative Writing/Screenwriting (BA)
Crime & Criminology Certificate
Criminal Justice (AS)
Criminal Justice (BS)
Criminal Justice/Criminology (BS)
Criminal Justice/Homeland Security & Counter Terrorism (BS)
Criminal Justice/Legal Studies & Advocacy (BS)
Criminal Justice/Police Admin & Operations (BS)
Curriculum & Instruction/Dyslexia (MEd)
Curriculum & Instruction (MEd)
Curriculum & Instruction/Ed Leadership (MEd)
Curriculum & Instruction/Reading (MEd)
Curriculum & Instruction/Special Ed (MEd)
Curriculum & Instruction/Tech Integration (MEd)
Cyber Security (MS)
Cyber Security/IT Management (MS)
Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate
Data Analytics (BS)
Data Analytics (MS)
Dyslexia Grad Certificate
Early Childhood Education (MEd)
Economics/Finance (BS)
Ed Tech Integration Specialist (MEd)
Educational Leadership (MEd)
Educational Studies (MEd)
Elementary Education (MEd)
English & Creative Writing (MA)
English & Creative Writing/Fiction (MA)
English & Creative Writing/Non Fiction (MA)
English & Creative Writing/Poetry (MA)
English & Creative Writing/Screenwriting (MA)
English (MA)
English (MAT) with Certification
English (MAT) Non-Certification
English for Speakers of Other Languages (MEd)
English Language & Lit (BA)
Environmental Science (BS)
Fashion Merchandising (AS)
Fashion Merchandising (BS)
Finance (BS)
Finance (MS)
Finance Grad Certificate
Finance/Corporate Finance (MS)
Finance/Investment & Securities (MS)
Forensic Acct/Fraud Exam Grad Cert
Game Programming & Dev. (BS)
General Studies (BA)
General Studies in Education (BA)
Geosciences (BS)
Geosciences/Geospatial Technology (BS)
Geosciences/Natural Resources and Conservation (BS)
Graphic Design & Media Arts (BA)
Graphic Design & Media Arts/ Web Design (BA)
Graphic Design & Media Arts 3-D Modeling (BA)
Health Information Management (BS)
Health Information Management/Professional Practice (BS)
Health Promotion (BS)
Health Science (BS)
Healthcare Administration (BS)
Healthcare Administration (MS)
Healthcare Administration (MSM)
Higher Education Administration (MS)
History (BA)
History (MA)
History/American History (BA)
History/American History (MA)
History/European History (BA)
History/Middle Eastern History (BA)
History/Military History (BA)
History/Military History (MA)
History/Public History (MA)
Human Resource Management (MS)
Human Resource Mgt Grad Cert
Human Resource Mgt UG Cert
Human Services (BA)
Human Services/Child & Family Services (BA)
Information Technologies (AS)
Information Technologies (BA)
Information Technologies (BS)
Information Technologies/Cyber Security (BS)
Information Technologies/Data Analytics (BS)
Information Technologies/Database Administration (BS)
Information Technologies/Database Management (BS)
Information Technologies/Game Design & Development (BS)
Information Technologies/IT Management (BS)
Information Technologies/Network & Telecommunications (BS)
Information Technologies/Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (BS)
Information Technologies/Software Development (BS)
Information Technologies/Web Design & Development (BS)
Information Technology (MS)
Information Technology/Data Analytics (MS)
Information Technology/Database Design (MS)
Information Technology/Game Design & Dev (MS)
Information Technology/Healthcare Informatics (MS)
Information Technology/Internet Security (MS)
Information Technology/IT Management (MS)
Information Technology/Software App Dev (MS)
Information Technology/Web Design (MS)
Instructional Design & Technology (MS)
International Business (BS)
International Business Grad Cert
International MBA
International MBA -Accounting
International MBA -Athletic Administration
International MBA -Corp Social Responsibility
International MBA -Economics
International MBA -Entrepreneurship
International MBA -Finance
International MBA -Forensic Accounting
International MBA -Health Informatics
International MBA -Healthcare Management
International MBA -Human Resources
International MBA -Internet Marketing
International MBA -IT Management
International MBA -Justice Studies
International MBA -Leadership
International MBA -Marketing
International MBA -Operations/Supply Chain Mgmt
International MBA -Project Management
International MBA -Quantitative Analysis
International MBA -Six Sigma Quality
International MBA -Social Media Marketing
International MBA -Sport Management
International MBA -Sustainability/Environmental Compliance
International MBA -Workplace Conflict Management
Intn'l Sport Management Grad Certificate
IT - Management Track Grad Certificate
IT - Technical Track Grad Certificate
Justice Studies (AS)
Justice Studies (BS)
Justice Studies (MS)
Justice Studies/Crime & Criminology (BS)
Justice Studies/Cybersecurity (MS)
Justice Studies/Law & Legal Process (BS)
Justice Studies/Policing & Law Enforcement (BS)
Justice Studies/Public Administration (MS)
Justice Studies/Terrorism & Homeland Security (BS)
Justice Studies/Terrorism & Homeland Security (MS)
Law & Legal Process Certificate
Leadership Non-Profit Org Grad Certificate
Liberal Arts (AA)
Management (MS)
Management/Emergency Management (MS)
Marketing (AS)
Marketing (BS)
Marketing (MS)
Marketing Grad Certificate
Marketing/Marketing Research and Analytics (MS)
Marketing/New Media and Communication (MS)
Marketing/Social Media Marketing (BS)
Marketing/Social Media Marketing (MS)
Master of Fine Arts - Fiction (MFA)
Master of Fine Arts - Nonfiction (MFA)
Math (BA)
Math/Applied Mathematics (BA)
MBA in Leadership
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
MBA in Accounting
MBA in Athletic Administration
MBA in Business Intelligence
MBA in Community Economic Development
MBA in Corporate Responsibility
MBA in Economics
MBA in Entrepreneurship
MBA in Finance
MBA in Forensic Accounting
MBA in Health Informatics
MBA in Healthcare Management
MBA in Human Resource Mgt
MBA in Internet Marketing
MBA in IT Management
MBA in Justice Studies
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Music Business
MBA in Operation & Supply Mgt
MBA in Project Management
MBA in Public Administration
MBA in Quantitative Analysis
MBA in Six Sigma
MBA in Social Media Marketing
MBA in Sport Management
MBA in Sustainability & Environmental Compliance
MBA in Workplace Conflict Mgt
MBA w/ Certificate in Human Resource Management
MBA w/Certificate in Accounting
MBA w/Certificate in Finance
MBA w/Certificate in Forensic Accounting
MBA w/Certificate in International Business
MBA w/Certificate in International Business & IT
MBA w/Certificate in International Finance
MBA w/Certificate in International Sport Management
MBA w/Certificate in Leadership of Non-Profit Org
MBA w/Certificate in Marketing
MBA w/Certificate in Operations-Supply Chain Management
MBA w/Certificate in Project Management
MBA w/Certificate in Public Administration
MBA w/Certificate in Six Sigma Quality
MBA w/Certificate in Sport Administration
MBA w/Certificate in Terrorism/Homeland Security
Nursing (BS)
Nursing (BS) Advanced Pathway RN to MSN Option
Nursing (MS)
Nursing/Clinical Nurse Leader (MS)
Nursing/Patient Quality & Safety (MS)
Operations & Project Mgt (MS)
Operations and Project Mgt (BS)
Operations Management (BS)
Operations Management Grad Cert
Operations Management/ Logistics & Transportation (BS)
Operations Management/ Project Management (BS)
Organizational Leadership (MS)
Patient Safety and Quality Grad Cert
Police & Law Enforcement Cert
Political Science (BA)
Political Science (MS)
Political Science Accelerated (BA)
Political Science/Campaign Leadership (BA)
Project Management Grad Cert
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (MS)
Psychology/Addictions (BA)
Psychology/Applied Psychology (BA)
Psychology/Child & Developmental Psychology (MS)
Psychology/Child & Adolescent Dev (BA)
Psychology/Forensic Psychology (BA)
Psychology/Forensic Psychology (MS)
Psychology/Industrial & Organizational Psychology (MS)
Psychology/Mental Health (BA)
Psychology/Social Psychology (BA)
Public Administration (BA)
Public Administration Grad Cert
Public Health (BS)
Public Health (MS)
Reading & Writing Specialist (MEd)
Retailing (BS)
School Business Admin Grad Cert
Secondary Ed Social Studies (Med)
Secondary English Education (MEd)
Six Sigma Graduate Certificate
SNHU Advantage Program
Social Media Graduate Certificate
Sociology (BA)
Sociology/Community Health (BA)
Special Education (MEd)
Sport Management (BS)
Sport Management (MS)
Sport Management (MS)/Athletic Administration Cert
Sport Management (MS)/International Sport Mgt Grad Cert
Sport Management Grad Certificate
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MS)
Teaching ESL Grad Certificate
Technical Management (BS)
Terrorism & Homeland Security UG Certificate
Terrorism/Homeland Security Grad Certificate
*Subject to course enrollment and availability.