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SNHU is among the leading online degree programs in New England. We offer more than 80 online, accredited undergraduate majors in business and liberal arts. SNHU was the only university to make Fast Company's 2012 list of the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies, which included such companies as Apple, Google, HBO and LinkedIn. We've earned Best Buy and Best of Business - Best Online Degree awards. We are a top Military-Friendly School.

Experience the best of online and classroom-based learning. Most SNHU Online college degree programs include courses that can be taken at our centers as well as online. Contact an admission representative to learn more.

Accounting (AS)
The online and on-campus degree programs can prepare you for a career you want. Learn from experts and get the education you need for entry-level positions or enter the BS in Accounting program.
Accounting (BS)
You can earn an undergraduate degree that fits your schedule and your budget. If you are like working with numbers, and enjoy problem solving, accounting may be the right field for you.
Accounting Accelerated Track
With the BS to MS Accelerated Accounting degree program from SNHU, you can fast track your education and earn your degrees online
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
Forensic Accountants and Fraud Examiners play an increasingly important role in the analysis and presentation of accounting information
Accounting Finance (BS)
The accounting/finance degree offers students the course work they need to qualify for careers in the accounting or finance professions.
Anthropology (BA)
Environmental Sustainability
In the environmental sustainability concentration, you'll examine ethical, practical and technical skills – and contribute to and view the world through a social, historical and evolutionary lens.
Geospatial Technologies
The geospatial technologies track examines how people interact with the natural and built world, from studying consumer spending to managing water resources.
Business Administration (AS)
Take the first step towards a bachelor's degree in business. Learn about human resources, economics, management and other key elements to business success.
Business Administration (BS)
Expand your management and leadership skills and prepare yourself for a variety of career options with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University.
Healthcare Administration
Gain an in-depth understanding of healthcare organizations through sector-specific topic coverage in economics, reimbursement, quality management, research methods and human resource principles.
Nonprofit Management
Gain the skills necessary to successfully manage everyday operations of nonprofit organizations.
Small Business Management
Expand your management and leadership skills and prepare yourself for a variety of career options with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University.
Organizational Leadership
Expand your management and leadership skills and prepare yourself for a variety of career options with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University.
Human Resources Management
Expand your management and leadership skills and prepare yourself for a variety of career options with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University.
Business Studies (BS)
Get a top-notch business education with the opportunity to specialize in Southern New Hampshire University's business studies program.
Get a top-notch business education with the opportunity to specialize in Southern New Hampshire University's business studies program.
Business Administration
Get a top-notch business education with the opportunity to specialize in Southern New Hampshire University's business studies program.
Business Finance
Get a top-notch business education with the opportunity to specialize in Southern New Hampshire University's business studies program.
Computer Information Technology
Information technology graduates are employed in nearly every type of industry and business, in functional areas and in general management.
Game Design and Development
Electronic gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world today. It is used also for education, training, and other serious purposes.
Human Resource Management
Professionals with human resource knowledge are essential to a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations, businesses and industries.
Industrial Organizational Psychology
SNHU's unique BS in Business Studies with a concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology teaches you how to apply psychological principles to improve organizational performance
International Management
Students learn about the different cultural, monetary, marketing and management systems that they will encounter while conducting international business activities.
Graduates are prepared to work in various areas of marketing, including retail management, professional sales, purchasing, advertising, research, product/brand management and product distribution.
Operations and Project Management
BS in Business Studies Operations and Project Management BS program focuses on developing business skills in such areas as operations management, materials planning and more project management
Organizational Leadership
Graduates of this program develop effective management tools for growth, increased productivity and conflict management in the complex and volatile business environment of today and the future.
Small Business Management
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy in the United States. There is great demand for individuals who have the knowledge and skills to initiate, manage and grow these organizations.
Sport Management
Industry growth has increased the need and opportunity for well-trained professional managers. A well-rounded business education with a focus on sport management is essential.
Communication (BA)
The Bachelor of Arts in communication degree helps graduates develop and deliver key messages to diverse audiences.
New Media
Take communications campaigns to facebook, Twitter and the far reaches of the digital world.
Professional Writing
If you are interested in learning how to use emerging technologies to communicate effectively to the public in today's world consider the Communication degree with a Professional Writing concentration
Public Relations
Employers often cite good communication skills as one of the most critical qualifications in a prospective employee.
Creative Writing and English (BA)
Prepare for a career in creative writing, publishing, journalism, communications, the law and many other professions, as well as graduate programs.
Aspiring authors and storytellers who are looking for a way to gain inspiration and foster their imaginations will find the BA in Creative Writing concentration in Fiction to be the perfect balance.
When focusing on nonfiction writing, it is critical that you receive a solid foundation in the scope of creative writing.
The online Creative Writing- Poetry degree program fosters aspiring poets with inspiration, engaged passion and creative collaboration.
Whether you have dreams of writing blockbusters, developing documentaries or you want to work with other writers on sitcoms, Creative Writing is the best way to hone your writing skills.
Criminal Justice (AS)
The Associate degree in Justice Studies provides a broader choice of courses to offer you a sweeping overview of the American justice system, criminal law, social science, and more.
Criminal Justice (BS)
Develop a comprehensive understanding of today's criminal justice system and how to take your knowledge into the real world with SNHU's Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice
The BS in Criminal Justice degree program concentration in criminology provides you with a comprehensive overview of the social and behavioral sciences behind criminal behavior.
Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
The concentration in Homeland Security offers a unique educational experience designed to provide a deep understanding of the threat of terrorism and how best to respond to it.
Legal Studies and Advocacy
The Legal Studies and Advocacy concentration offers a comprehensive overview of the legal processes, sentencing alternatives and other areas that operate in support of the criminal justice system.
Police Administration and Operations
Understand the numerous demands, functions, goals, management and leadership mechanisms of the modern police agency.
Data Analytics (BS)
The undergraduate data analytics degree from Southern New Hampshire University combines facets of business, information technology and mathematics with data mining, simulation and optimization.
English Language and Literature (BA)
Turn your passion for reading and writing into a career. Gain the communication and research skills needed in the workplace today.
Environmental Science (BS)
Learn how to think and act critically and creatively to help tackle important environmental challenges with SNHU's B.S. in Environmental Science program.
Fashion Merchandising (AS)
Degree in fashion merchandising prepares students for entry-level careers as assistant buyers, visual merchandisers, sales representatives, vendor relations specialists in retail or wholesale settings
Fashion Merchandising Management (BS)
Fashion merchandising requires you to know how to negotiate with suppliers of clothing, how to spot emerging industry trends and how to display clothing for maximum impact on consumers.
Finance (BS)
You'll learn to analyze the fundamentals of investment vehicles, bonds to commodities. You'll address the key issues modern corporate managers face.
Game Programming and Development (BS)
Explore the world of software and hardware, all the while gaining the experience you'll need for a career in the video game industry.
General Studies (BA)
Maximize already earned credits and get a degree from a traditional, nonprofit university in the shortest amount of time
Geosciences (BS)
Gain the analytical, technical and communication skills you need to take on these important challenges with an online geoscience degree
Geospatial Technology
Geospatial Technologies provides you with the practical experience in geospatial analysis using geographic information systems, satellite imagery and other commonly used methods.
Natural Resources and Conservation
This concentration focuses on the conservation and management of natural resources and remediation of natural and human hazards.
Graphic Design and Media Arts (BA)
Learn how to turn your artistic interests into a professional career with graphic design and media arts major.
3-D Modeling and Animation
Breathe new life into graphic design by earning an online BA in Graphic Design with a concentration in 3D modeling and animation.
Web Design
Online Degree in Web Graphic Design supplements the traditional graphic design foundation with digital-oriented core courses, striking that ideal balance of aesthetic interests.
Health Information Management (BS)
With a Health Information Management Bachelor's degree earned online from SNHU, students will gain the edge in the lucrative and exciting field of healthcare.
Professional Practice
This concentration is ideal for someone just beginning their studies in health information and for professionals wanting a structured field experience as part of their degree program.
Health Promotion (BS)
Turn your passion for health and wellness into a rewarding career by learning the skills employers want with an online Health Promotion Degree
Health Science (BS)
You're already making a difference through the work you love. Now take it to the next level with our online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.
Healthcare Administration (BS)
The healthcare administration program provides extensive study of the healthcare delivery field.
History (BA)
Students receive a broad foundation in United States history and Western civilization giving the a comprehensive liberal arts education while developing critical analysis needed to be successful.
American History
Earn a BA in History with a concentration in American history from SNHU. The specialized courses can prepare you for a career in politics, law or public service
European History
A History degree from SNHU, with a concentration in European history, can prepare you for a career in international politics, teaching or law
Middle Eastern Studies
With a History -Middle Eastern Studies degree from SNHU, you'll learn about the rich past, culture, and conflict of the Middle East.
Military History
Earn a BA in History with a Military History concentration from SNHU, and become an expert on the evolution of warfare and tactics.
Human Services (BA)
Our online human services degree gives you the fundamentals to effectively help people who are unable to help themselves, while reaping the personal rewards that come from changing lives.
Child and Family Services
This concentration is designed for those with a particular interest in child welfare, schools, juvenile corrections, family court, family support agencies and family organizations.
Information Technologies (AS)
AS in Information Technology program combines the management and computer systems disciplines and is designed to highlight the use of computers in all areas of organizations.
Information Technologies (BA)
This degree also prepares students to study the effect technology has on society; for example, the implications of artificial intelligence and the impact of technology on children.
Information Technologies (BS)
With a Bachelor of Science degree in information technology, graduates will be prepared to balance the demands of being a business professional and a technologist.
Focus your online BS in Information Technology with a Concentration in Cybersecurity.
Data Analytics
Focusing on data analytics will provide you with the technical abilities, business expertise and practical skills you need to advance your career.
Database Administration
SNHU's online degree delves into the complexities of data needed for high-demand, high-paying jobs.
Database Management
Focus your BS in Information Technology with a Concentration in Database Management.
Game Design and Development
Mastermind the creation of games and the business behind the scenes with SNHU's online BS in Information Technology - Game Design and Development.
Information Technology Management
Information technology managers, or IT project managers, plan, coordinate and direct computer-related activities in an organization.
Network and Telecommunications
This concentration exposes students to the challenges that an organization faces in keeping their business critical systems operating and communicating with each other
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Learn how to merge robotics with artificial intelligence to create innovative software with SNHU's online Robotics Degree program
Software Development
Focus your online BS in Information Technology with a Concentration in Software Development.
Web Design and Development
Focus your online BS in Information Technology with a Concentration in Web Design and Development.
International Business (BS)
Understand the different political, cultural, financial, marketing and management systems that drive international business activities in the United States and abroad.
Liberal Arts (AA)
Strengthen your communication and critical-thinking skills and gain an insightful world view when you earn an associate's degree in liberal arts.
Marketing (AS)
The program combines marketing, business and liberal arts courses and covers various aspect of the marketing field
Marketing (BS)
Students structure their Marketing degree to meet their specific interests. Students can select marketing courses in areas of interest such as advertising, branding, marketing campaign development
Social Media Marketing
Earn a career-focused, online Social Media Marketing degree with a focus on leveraging social media, from a traditional university
Mathematics (BA)
Mathematics degree program students develop an advanced ability in mathematical methods, reasoning and problem solving in analysis, algebra and statistics.
Applied Mathematics
Earn an online applied mathematics degree and discover a side of mathematics that functions more like an interdisciplinary science - one with broad-reaching applications in the modern world.
Nursing (BS)
The online RN to BSN program has been designed with practicing nurses in mind. We recognize that nurses working in today's healthcare environment need to demonstrate competencies in a number of areas.
Accelerated RN to MSN Option
Keep your momentum and reach your goals faster with SNHU's Advanced Pathway online RN to MSN option, which enables registered nurses to complete the bachelor's and master's in Nursing online
Operations Management (BS)
Become an effective operations manager by enrolling in the online operations management degree program at Southern New Hampshire University.
Logistics and Transportation
Enhance your bachelor's in operations management with an online logistics and transportation degree concentration.
Project Management
Enhance your bachelor's in operations management with an online project management degree concentration.
Political Science (BA)
The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science takes a practical approach to politics, analyzing events in real time and applying solutions to local, national and international scenarios.
Campaign Leadership
Students in the Campaign Leadership concentration develop winning strategies, tactics and organizational methods that they can apply to many different political efforts, from elections to referendums.
Psychology (BA)
Expand your understanding of human behavior through classroom and field experiences that prepare you for further study or careers in counseling, social work, human resources and more.
Discover how to identify, understand and manage addictive behavior with an Online Addiction Studies Degree that will move your career forward
Applied Psychology
The applied psychology degree program puts psychological theories and approaches to work, turning classic concepts and current research into real-world solutions.
Child and Adolescent Development
Choose a career that lets you make a difference in the lives of children. Learn how kids grow and develop from birth through adolescence.
Forensic Psychology
The Psychology forensic psychology concentration challenges students to apply their research skills, psychological knowledge and critical thinking abilities to issues facing the legal system.
Mental Health
Students selecting a concentration in Mental Health can be in the field as early as their freshman year gaining experience and augmenting their classroom learning.
Social Psychology
Take the next step in your career by developing a deeper understanding of social behavior with an online Social Psychology Degree.
Public Administration (BA)
SNHU offers a degree in Public Administration designed for those who wish to take on social and economic development issues in the public sector
Public Health (BS)
Learn how to protect the health of communities and populations in the online public health degree program at Southern New Hampshire University.
Retailing (BS)
Retail management degree programs prepare students for a variety of managerial, supervisory and professional roles.
Sociology (BA)
Our emphasis is on professional practices as well as scholarship, with a career orientation and experiential learning approach.
Community Health
Advocate for the well-being of individuals and communities by earning the BA in Sociology with a concentration in Community Health from SNHU
Sport Management (BS)
Students couple 9 specialized courses in sport management with a strong mix of business and liberal arts courses. A variety of cooperative education opportunities in the sport industries are available
Technical Management (BS)
Specifically designed for those who have earned an associate degree in such specialized skill areas as small engine repair, automotive technology, electronics technology, graphic arts and more.
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