Courses Offered

Academic Level:


ACC - Accounting Courses
ACC-500: Managerial Accounting
ACC-550: Cost Accounting
ACC-610: Financial Reporting I
ACC-620: Financial Reporting II
ACC-630: Financial Reporting III
ACC-640: Auditing
ACC-645: Advanced Auditing
ACC-646: Introduction to Forensic Accounting/ Fraud Exam
ACC-660: Controllership
ACC-660X: Controllership
ACC-675: Control/Audit of Accounting Info System
ACC-680: International Accounting
ACC-680X: International Accounting
ACC-685: Accounting for Nonprofit Entities
ACC-690: Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting
ACC-691: Detection/Prevention of Fraudulent Financial Statements
ACC-692: Interview Techniques/Legal Aspects of Fraud
ACC-693: Investigating with Computers
ACC-695: Seminar in Audit/Information Assurance
ACC-696: Situational Ethics in Accounting
ACC-700: Accounting Capstone
ACC-710: Accounting Internship
ACC-720: Auditing & Attestation Review Course
ACC-730: Financial Reporting Review Course
ACC-798: Independent Study
CSR - Corp Social Responsibility Courses
CSR-510: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR-610: Business Ethics and Culture
CSR-620: Corporate Governance and Accountability
ECO - Economics Courses
ECO-500: Managerial Economics
ECO-505: Introduction to Graduate Economics
ECO-510: Mathematics and Statistics for Economics
ECO-520: Microeconomics Theory and Analysis
ECO-530: Macroeconomics Theory and Analysis
ECO-540: Game Theory and Industrial Organization
ECO-605: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-610: Fiscal & Monetary Policies & Practices
ECO-620: Applied Econometrics I
ECO-625: Applied Econometrics II
ECO-675: Seminar in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECO-700: Applied Economics Capstone
ECO-798: Independent Study
FIN - Finance Courses
FIN-500: Financial Management
FIN-550: Corporate Finance
FIN-610: Short-Term Financial Management
FIN-620: Money and Capital Markets
FIN-630: Capital Budgeting & Financing
FIN-640: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
FIN-645: Analytical Tools in Portfolio Management
FIN-655: International Investments/Portfolio Management
FIN-660: Creating Value: Merger/Acquisition
FIN-665: Long-Term Financing & Capital Structure Theory
FIN-670: Option Analysis & Financial Derivatives
FIN-680: Personal Financial Planning
FIN-685: Risk Management
FIN-687: Estate Planning and Tax Factors
FIN-690: Financial Econometrics
FIN-691: Financial Modeling
FIN-700: Seminar in Finance
FIN-710: Economics/Finance Internship
FIN-798: Independent Study
INT - International Business Courses
INT-600: Multinational Corporate Management
INT-601: Global Entrepreneurship
INT-605: Introduction to International Business & Information Technology
INT-610: Multinational Corporate Environment
INT-620: Multinational Corporate Finance
INT-621: Advanced Multinational Financial Management
INT-640: Multinational Market Strategies
INT-650: International Trade and Competitiveness
INT-655: Understanding Emerging Markets
INT-660: International Negotiations
INT-675: International Corporate Governance & Control
INT-695: Seminar in International Business and Information Technology
INT-700: Multinational Business Strategy
INT-710: International Business Internship
INT-750: Seminar in Multinational Business
INT-798: Independent Study
MBA - Grad Business Administration Courses
MBA-501: Mathematics and Statistics for Business
MBA-502: Economics for Business
MBA-503: Financial Reporting and Analysis
MBA-515: Business Environment, Innovations and Entrepreneurship
MBA-520: Accounting and Financial Analysis
MBA-550: Leading in an Organization
MBA-560: Marketing and Strategy
MBA-610: Business Law
MBA-635: Ethics, Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility
MBA-640: Finance, Economics, and Decision Making
MBA-665: Government Impact on Business
MBA-690: Operations Management and Technology
MBA-700: Strategic Management
MBA-705: MBA Capstone
MBA-710: Internship
MBA-740: Thesis Option
MBA-750: Independent Study
MKT - Marketing Courses
MKT-500: Marketing Strategies
MKT-515: Distinctive Concepts in Marketing
MKT-525: Insights Into Customer Behavior
MKT-535: Market Quantitative Analysis
MKT-545: Global Marketing
MKT-555: Social Media
MKT-565: Product and Brand Management
MKT-577: Building Customer Relationships
MKT-605: Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT-609: Advertising and Public Relations
MKT-610: Promotions Management
MKT-615: Relationship Selling Strategies
MKT-618: Marketing Analytics
MKT-620: Consumer Behavior
MKT-625: Strategic Internet Marketing
MKT-630: Market Research
MKT-635: Websites and Search Engine Marketing/ Search Engine Optimization
MKT-636: Ethical Marketing Challenges
MKT-645: Online Marketing Channels
MKT-646: Promotional Strategies
MKT-650: Retailing
MKT-655: Social Media Marketing Strategy
MKT-656: Distribution Management
MKT-660: Marketing Strategies for Not-For-Profit Organizations
MKT-666: Social Media Marketing Campaigns
MKT-668: Services Marketing
MKT-670: Product Management
MKT-675: Ethical and Legal Issues in Marketing
MKT-676: Marketing Practicum
MKT-678: Brand Management
MKT-679: Advanced Marketing Research and Analytics
MKT-690: Corporate Communications
MKT-700: Marketing Capstone
MKT-710: Marketing Internship
MKT-798: Independent Study
OL - Organizational Leadership Courses
OL-500: Human Behavior in Organizations
OL-501: Business Foundations
OL-600: Strategic Human Resource Management
OL-610: Employee and Labor Relations
OL-620: Total Rewards
OL-630: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
OL-635: Consulting
OL-640: Franchising
OL-645: Law, Ethics, and Politics in Human Relations
OL-655: Talent Development and Workforce Planning
OL-660: Redesigning Middle Management
OL-663: Leading Change
OL-665: Leading/Managing Not-For-Profit Orgs
OL-667: Human Resource Information Systems
OL-668: Human Resources in Global Contexts
OL-670: Organizational Leadership
OL-675: Leadership and Ethics
OL-676: Women in Leadership
OL-690: Responsible Corporate Leadership
OL-750: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
OL-751: Human Resource Management Capstone
OL-798: Independent Study
QSO - Quantitative Studies/Ops Mgmt Courses
QSO-500: Business Research
QSO-501: Applied Mathematics for Business
QSO-510: Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
QSO-520: Management Science through Spreadsheets
QSO-521: Decision Science
QSO-530: Applied Statistics for Managers
QSO-531: Business Data Analysis
QSO-600: Operations Management
QSO-601: Operations and Innovation Management
QSO-610: Management of Service Operations
QSO-620: Six Sigma Quality Management
QSO-621: Lean Six Sigma Quality Management
QSO-625: Six Sigma for Black Belt Certification
QSO-630: Supply Chain Management
QSO-631: Global Supply Chain Management
QSO-635: International Supply Chain Management
QSO-640: Project Management
QSO-641: Practical Project Management
QSO-645: Project Management for PMP Certification
QSO-680: Seminar in Project Management
QSO-690: Topics in Operations Management
QSO-691: Integrating Experience in OPM I
QSO-692: Integrating Experience in OPM II
QSO-700: Operations and Project Management Capstone
QSO-710: Internship in Operations/Project Management
QSO-798: Independent Study
SEC - Sustainability & Enviromt Comp Courses
SEC-510: Environmental Issues
SEC-610: Energy and Society
SEC-620: Environment Compliance/Sustainability
TAX - Taxation Courses
TAX-650: Federal Taxation of Individuals
TAX-655: Federal Income Tax of Corporations & Partnerships
TAX-660: Tax Factors in Business Decisions
TAX-665: Estate and Gift Taxation
TAX-670: Tax Research Methodology/Practice & Procedures
TAX-700: Special Topics in Taxation
WCM - Workplace Conflict Management Courses
WCM-510: Negotiation/Advocacy in the Workplace
WCM-610: Introduction to Organizational Conflict Management
WCM-620: Managing Difficult Conversations at Work
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