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University Store

Welcome to Southern New Hampshire University's bookstores. Show your Penmen Pride with some SNHU products. Whether you are an on campus, undergraduate day student or you are taking classes online, you will find textbooks, course materials and supplies here. College for America (CfA) programs do not require textbooks so there is no bookstore available.

Virtual Bookstore for Online Courses

If you are taking online classes, visit the SNHU Online Bookstore, powered by Barnes & Noble College.

On Campus Bookstore

SNHU’s Campus bookstore for on campus students is run by Barnes & Noble College. Students are able to purchase their books in person at the Manchester campus or through the online bookstore.

SNHU Merchandise & Supplies

You can purchase school supplies, technology, and licensed SNHU clothing and merchandise as well as caps and gowns from the on campus bookstore or this online merchandise store.

Purchasing Course Materials with Title IV Funds

  • Undergraduate and graduate on campus students have the option to purchase books at the campus bookstore (on campus and online) using their Penmen Cash if they have a projected Title IV refund for the term. Students may opt out of this program by not using their Penmen Cash at the bookstore by the tenth day of the term.
  • Online students (undergraduate and graduate), Advantage students, and students in the Graduate Program in Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) have the option to purchase books through our virtual bookstore using our book voucher program if they have a projected Title IV refund for the term. Students may opt out of the book voucher program by not using their vouchers at the virtual bookstore.

If you do not use your Penmen Cash or the book voucher program, any remaining balance will be refunded after all institutional charges have been satisfied. Opting-out will not result in an expedited refund.

Reasons to Love the SNHU Online Bookstore

At Southern New Hampshire University, our mission to make education affordable and accessible. That's why we've invested in a better online bookstore, decreased the cost of course materials, increased our selection of e-books and added free shipping for all domestic orders. In the process, we've saved students over $2 million, largely as a result of renegotiating prices with publishers and foregoing commissions.

Here are eight reasons to shop the SNHU Online Bookstore:

  1. We take zero commission from book sales. You profit through lower prices on your learning materials.
  2. Our textbooks cost 60% less than the national average.
  3. Digital content is available for up to 70% of courses and costs up to 50% less than print versions. Digital materials also ensure you're ready to learn on day one of your course, regardless of when you order your materials.
  4. We work to expand your options for purchase every day. New, used, rental, print, or digital - you choose.
  5. Free Ground Shipping on all domestic orders.
  6. We buy books back. And we tell you how much money you'll get before you order them.
  7. Need help? We're here for you round-the-clock.
  8. Learning Resources work for you. You get everything you need to be successful - study guides, textbooks, video and more - all in one place.