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PSY - Psychology Courses
PSY-500: Foundations of Psychology
PSY-510: Research Methods in Psychology I
PSY-520: Research Methods in Psychology II
PSY-530: Social Psychology
PSY-540: Cognitive Processes
PSY-545: Forensic Psychology
PSY-550: Measurement and Assessment
PSY-560: Theories of Personality
PSY-570: Ethical Practice in Psychology
PSY-612: Motivation in the Workplace
PSY-614: Psychology of Leadership
PSY-616: Organizational Consulting
PSY-618: Seminar in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
PSY-622: Assessment for Forensic Psychology
PSY-624: Intersection of Law and Psychology
PSY-626: Psychology in the Courtroom
PSY-632: Developmental Psychology
PSY-634: Cognitive Neuropsychology
PSY-636: Intervention Strategies
PSY-638: Child and Developmental Psychology Seminar
PSY-790: Capstone in Psychology
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